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In the navigation bar you will find links to the various classifications of Vale Industries products. They are generally split into seven categories. Bar Products represents the various Barshears, Bar Straighteners, Benders and Standard Cutoff Shears. Strip Products represents such items as Strip Shears, Tensile Test Sample Punches (please see the testing section for this item), and Hole Punches. Power Units represents Vale Industries range of power units from our standard range of 5,000 PSI units through our 10,000 PSI units, Portable Battery Powered units and our Air over Water units (specifically designed for the Nuclear Industry). Testing Products represents our range of Upset Testers and Tensile Test Sample Punches. The Material handling area includes Coil Compactors and Coil Upenders. Custom Products was added to give a potential customer an idea of the abilities ensconced at Vale Industries if we do not produce exactly what you are looking for. We produce custom hydraulic machinery to fit customers needs when requested. And finally the Accessories area is a small showcase of the ancillary items we produce in support of our major products, such as Tool Carts and Balancers.